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Burrell became a preacher during the late 1990s with a Christian ministry program on TBN called . Hammer and Friends . Additionally, he starred in a Saturday morning cartoon called Hammerman in 1991 and was executive producer of his own reality show called Hammertime which aired on the A&E Network during the summer of 2009. [11] [12] Hammer was also a television show host and dance judge on Dance Fever in 2003, was co-creator of a dance website called , [13] [14] and is a record label CEO while still performing concerts at music venues and assisting with other social media, ministry and outreach functions. Prior to becoming ordained , Hammer signed with Suge Knight 's Death Row Records by 1995.

As far as neo-noir is considered, you probably cannot get more gorgeously grotesque and, in turn, debasingly aesthetically indelible than Michael Oblowitz’s fairly ...


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Mr. Jigga - Garage PartyMr. Jigga - Garage PartyMr. Jigga - Garage PartyMr. Jigga - Garage Party